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Group Plan Quotes for Small Business Health Insurance

Lowering your small business medical insurance rates Fortunately, there are ways to make the costs more palatable and still provide comprehensive small business medical insurance for your employees. Here are some of the steps you can take:

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  • Explore group plans – Group plans for small business medical insurance allows the "little guy" to get benefits reserved for "big players." By joining up with other small businesses, you can have more employees under a single medical insurance plan which qualifies for lower rates.
  • Learn what your employees want – If you want to know what kind of small business medical insurance will make employees happy, just ask them. Explain how certain benefits could be more expensive and ask if they’re willing to take on more of the cost.
  • Implement a health savings account – HSAs are growing in popularity. While not technically a type of small business health insurance, HSAs allow employees to save pre-taxed earnings in a special account to cover medical expenses.
  • Institute a wellness program – This program provides screenings, flu shots, and lifestyle programs to ensure your employees stay healthy. Wellness programs can also help you avoid higher premiums by offering assistance to workers with addictions. Having just 1 to 2 smokers or drinkers on staff, for instance, could make your company an insurance risk that leads to higher premiums.
  • Scale back coverage - You can either take away a few benefits, or ask employees to contribute more towards the premium to maintain their coverage.
  • Get in the pool - In addition to group plans, you may be able to get small business medical insurance through insurance pools. These pools are offered to the smallest companies (usually 1 to 10 employees) that are high risk but need insurance.
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